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We have high standards, something everyone that writes for us is very proud of.
At first, you submit a draft summarizing the area you contribute to our website. We'll send you our feedback as soon as possible according to our assessment. You must ensure the article layout before sending it to us and do not publish anything available elsewhere. We consider several factors; you can rely on our requirements below. 
Our detailed requirements
•    The content: We're seeking authentic, high-quality, and credible content, which can reach readers' intent. Everything should connect to readers well.
•    The purpose: Our final goal is to provide readers and visitors with accurate information in many different categories that we've mentioned above. 
•    Plagiarism: The content of your article MUST be unique, which means you must be the author of the article. It should be wholly original and has not been published anywhere else. We take this matter seriously, and our editors check and find out what's involved with your article. If there's any issue related to plagiarism, you'll not be selected. 
•    The form of articles: The articles should be in accordance with Product Reviews and range from 1000 - 1500 words in length with no spelling mistakes. It is not allowed to add outgoing links to other affiliate websites. Besides, we've covered several criteria; please contact us to discuss more if you're interested in working with our team. 
Your articles will be rejected if:
•    They are advertorial and contain external links to affiliate websites (please contact us for promotion).
•    Product Reviews already has another article on precisely the same topic.
•    The articles are written in the first person and full of typos.
•    The articles are reported to be plagiarism. 
How to submit
If you're into writing for us, don't hesitate to get in touch with us via email at [email protected]