Amazing Tips for 6 DIY Christmas Decorations Made From Reclaimed Wood

Christmas is almost here which means that you have to make your house look holiday-like. We all love to see perfectly decorated homes with innovative and creative perspective.

It is a great way to keep your whole family involved and at the same time to make something useful. If you have reclaimed wood, you can quickly create woodworking projects from something that you would instead throw away.

We decided to present you 6 DIY Christmas Decorations Made from Reclaimed Wood.

Tools & Materials

After lots of time working on house lots of DIY projects, we have concluded that best assets for your home improvement projects are Miter tools. The reason for that is their wide range of possibilities. It doesn’t matter what you want to do with them because they are versatile and perfect for Christmas Decorations.

  • Miter Table Saw
  • Miter Multi-Max
  • Miter 4000 Rotary

1. Outdoor Santa

First, you have to use reclaimed wood and cut it at 45 degrees angle. You can also use painter tape because they will help you to paint and separate the bottom half white and top half red.

You can add eyes with a marker or black paint and attach tree branch to the nose. Finally, you will have wooden Santa that will protect your house and keep your neighbors jealous.

2. Triangle Christmas Trees

It is essential to start by making triangles from wood with Miter saw. In case that you don’t know how to handle it, you should check how to use a table saw. The size should be 2×6. You can use a jigsaw or circular show to cut them out and make them into triangles.

When you finish drying, just add additional pain so that you can allow the wood to pass through. That will provide it a possibility to paint all sides so that you can make it appear more creative. You can paint it as you want, but try to keep up with Christmas spirit.

Finally, you just have to add lights as well as paint markers so that you can dab with paint. The Christmas trees will shine like never before.

3. Tree Branch Ornaments

The beginning is pretty simple: if you don’t know how to use it check Miter saw reviews so that you can be confident in your capabilities. Find a tree branch and cut it into one-inch sections. You should cut it also at 45-degrees so that you can add them more style.

It is essential to drill small holes so that you put yarn or string. Brush the paint thoroughly all around it. You can use a white paint marker to write names if you want to send to someone. It is excellent DIY project that will keep you in Christmas spirit of giving.

4. Rustic Stocking

We recommend you to start this particular DIY project by sketching your stocking or Santa boot. The idea is to find a way to create a perfect rustic stocking.

When it comes to woodworking tools list, you should use Jigsaw or Rotary Tool to cut the design. However, you should sand edges after cutting for better appearance.

The last step is the simplest: you just have to add stains to all sides, and you will have a perfect rusting stocking waiting for a Santa.

5. Tea Candle Holders

You will need more significant lumber with 4×4 at varying lengths. Just check table saws reviews so that you can find a way to do it more efficiently. You should have in mind that less than two feet will be on mantle or table.

Therefore, you have to use painters tape because it is essential to tape off paint and sections.

The next step is to use forstner to cut to the hole which is the size of the candle. Those measures are typically between 1 and 1.2 inches.
Finally, you will have candle holders with use and greatness that will create a Christmas spirit around you.

6. Christmas Card Display

The best way to use unnecessary wood is to make something both useful and creative. You should use furring strips that are 1×4 inches.

As soon as you get them cut them at 30 inches. Just add some paint stir stick and try to attach them. Lay them on opposite side of boards so that it can connect planks.

If you have a staple gun, just attach them to the back so that they can create stability between woodwork. You can send edges and rub some stain on them. That way it will be much more secure.


Your Christmas will finally have the spirit of your work around it. Decorations are much more beautiful when you make it with your own hands. Just use the right tools. Miter saw is the best table saw for the money that you can purchase on the market. It is convenient, and it will change your Christmas.

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