5 DIY Furniture Ideas For Your Home

So you’re in the process of redecorating and reorganizing your house…well, you’ve probably at least thought about the possibility of getting yourself some new furniture. But have you seen what good new furniture goes for these days? It’s ridiculous! I doubt you can afford to shell out that much money just as I cannot. Of course, if you are financially able to buy that which is considered the very best, then by all means do so. But you probably aren’t one of those people or else you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.

For those of us who are not made of money, I offer five solutions for improvised furniture. I have used all of these ideas myself, so you will find no untried theories here.

1. A Stump For A Table

This one seems so simple that it almost doesn’t require discussion. However, there is more to it than just going out in woods and looking for a stump to cut. Most of the time, a stump that you find rooted to the ground will be rotten, and in any case good luck removing that thing without explosives, which will destroy your table. What you need to do is find a place where trees have recently been trimmed. Often, they will leave big sections of the tree behind, and it is in these leaving that you can score a good stump. But if you want it to last, make sure you stain and clear coat it for longevity.

2. Homemade Wooden Furniture-Old Way

This is a traditional craft hobby enjoyed all over the world, but in America you can find the best examples of this art in rural Appalachia. This is not something you can learn in a day, but once you learn it you can build any kind of furniture that you want to.

3. Homemade Wooden Furniture-New Way

This is an example of a more simplistic, modern style. The video below gives you good instruction on how to make this style of table if it is to your liking. If you choose this kind of method, you are going to end up cutting some big beams. This means that Choosing the proper saw is highly essential if you want to get it right and have those nice smooth edges that keep it from looking too homemade. The circular saw can be versatile in the extreme, as there are lots of different blades available. If the circular show just isn’t exact enough, you can turn the channel and use a jigsaw.

4. A Spool

Any company that deals with large spools of wire or cable is likely to have a few extra spools laying around that they will let go for a small fee. These things make great tables, and can actually look very nice when painted, stained, or otherwise beautified. It has been common for many years for college students to steal these spools and use them as dorm room party tables, but they really can be nice pieces of furniture if you fix them up.

5. Carved Stone Furniture

This one is a little strange, but if you happen to be good at carving stone, you can use those skills to create some amazing furniture. Of course, if you go with this idea you will need to buy some cushions so that the furniture is actually comfortable. I recommend sandstone because it is very easy to carve.

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