20 Easiest Woodworking Projects for Beginners

Woodworking is commonly amusing jobs to focus on. We have compiled top 20 DIY woodworking projects for beginners. It will tickle the creativity and present you great ideas next time you are near to the workbench.

They are basic woodworking projects, geared mainly towards the beginners. But feel free add your individual touch and knowledge of any level to create them excellent renditions.

We think the following woodworking projects will increase your home improvement Ideas properly. So continue reading the top 20 easiest woodworking projects for the beginners.

1. Pencil Holder:

Who does not like an excellent pencil holder? Kids want them; artists need them, and offices also flow better with them. However, tasteful pencil holders are only a few pine boards from a vintage pallet plus some timber glue. No screws or even power drills are required for this purpose. You can include a good finish to them and also have them combine with your desk. An attractive and colorful pencil holder can be a good gift for the kids. It also extends the beauty of your table in the office.

2. Headboard


The headboard is what isolates an ordinary ancient mattress in the center of the bedroom flooring from the Deluxe; equip style bed which grabs the concentration of the room.

Why pay out a ridiculous amount of cash for an easy headboard whenever you can create your very own, with nothing however an ancient pallet or two plus some varnish?

It takes you a few screws, a bit wood glue, simple power equipment, a little bit of paint and some hours of work to completely transform your total bedroom.

3. Guitar Picks


Do you have a great desire to create an extraordinary gift for a particular guitarist that you know? It is nothing but guitar picks.

These guitar picks are fairly the knick knack that’s simple to make, but actually will still impress any individual you show them to!

It requires a small bit of cutting, a generous quantity of sanding, and an enthusiastic attention to details. You may start making these quicker than your friend can play the many Beatles songs which he promises to know. Just feel free paint it as your signature design and market them.

4. Sofa Sleeve


Sofa table sleeve is a new tendency that’s hitting the traditional market: The sofa sleeve consists of just three boards nailed or perhaps glued jointly, plus the optional indent for your beverage.

In fact, it is slowly and gradually learning to be a need for just any couch.

As the name claims, it slides directly on the advantage of the chair and can be taken out painlessly and very easily. It’s as durable as a table, and must have for just any TV SET snacker!

It is one of the best attractive wood projects that sell in the marketplace nowadays.

5. Business Card Holder


Everyone wishes to raise his business with attractive business cards, and it is difficult to arrange the tiny devils. If you preserve them in the hefty box, it’s not only a little ugly, but one small press from a great eager customer, and you have thousands of small conventional paper monsters rioting on your own floor.

These people need to have card holders. It is a distinct niche market. Nevertheless the card holders are very simple to make. Of course, if you’re proficient at modification and can throw a name on the holder, wealthy businessmen plus businesswomen begins inserting orders earlier than you can create them!

6. Kitchen Serving Trays


Kitchen serving trays are very much essential for any house. It’s not a mystery that foods will probably to get everywhere and perhaps ruin a few of the furniture.

Fortunately, you will discover specific things like kitchen serving trays, which is convenient.


These wooden trays are made for holding discs, glasses, and cutlery without the risk of having anything be volatile and fall upon the expensive home furniture.

And you may guarantee there is a huge marketplace on the customizability of the fine items. Simply be sure you use non-toxic hardwood or color above repurposed pallet solid wood completely.

7. Bath Trays


The people who simply want to soak and relax after an extended time off work, a bath tray could be an amazing addition to their tub. It is one of the easy woodworking projects right now.


Bath trays are ideal for holding an extended romance novel, a couple of wine glasses for your special event and an assortment of aromatic candles to find the more challenging days at work. It is also perfect for a place to lay a romantic meal beside your wine glasses.

These trays need a little extra assembly when compared to home and ottoman selection, but may bring in a few extra cash with the proper customers!

8. Trigonal Shelves


If you want to have the shelf double as breathtaking work of design, we just can’t recommend anything much better than a trigonal shelf or even mountain rack. Compared to hexagonal and floating shelves, they are incredibly inefficient in holding items, together with the very small real estate to utilize.

However, the easy design can turn the conventional shelf right into a beautiful furniture piece that doubles as an engaging masterpiece of design.

These kinds of shelves are also dominating the modern markets. Hence get out the circular saws plus produce these amazing home additions while they are even still fresh as well as in style.

9. Key Holders


How often does your spouse or roommate forget their keys and arrive weeping to you to open the door plus get them back in the house?

If the answer is way too numerous to count, then perhaps it is time to keep one of these key holders to put best beside your door. They fit amazingly well with any area, and that they are incredibly easy to generate!

You can also go a single step further and compose a snarky take note on the wood to your excessively forgetful housemate.

10. Nightstand


Nightstands are almost as important as the headboard of the bed with regards to a room. They are exquisite for placing lights and novels for the late night reading. An attractive alarm clock to remind you when it ought to be the perfect time to begin your whole day, and then for that great, coaxing mug of drowsy time tea whenever you select it is time to begin winding down.

They’re quite simple to make and may get an ideal addition to the design of any room. You can certainly help to make among these away of an ancient pallet board plus some particle board too! It is one of the best cool things to build out of wood nowadays.

11. Cake Stand


You don’t have to be a good Cake Boss to proudly show off virtually any cake or even pastry in a glorified trend. And an excellent cake stand is significantly easier to make than you might think!

It’s even more of a distinct segment item, but don’t be tricked into convinced that it isn’t flexible! You may use one of those to show a soccer ball trophy, a prized collectible action, a household photo which has to stand out from the others, and just about all foods that rarely flavor like cake!

12. Darts Backboard

Dart Backboard is essential for throwing darts. You will ruin the integrity in the wall structure with thousands of missed shots without a Darts backboard.

Make an effort for making these kinds of nifty dart backboards! It is also one of the best woodworking projects for beginners.

The complicated part of the whole project will probably be obtaining the board to remain on the wall.

Nonetheless, if you carry out a lot of effective French cleat cuts intended for back support, obtaining the backboard to stay on the wall will never be any issue at all!

13. Coffee Table

Who doesn’t like an attractive coffee table? To serve coffee for your guests, a nice-looking coffee table is ideal for you! It takes quite much more time than the other projects in the above list. But it can easily bring plenty of money with the proper design and consumers!

Bring a few of functions and designs for some local pieces of furniture trade show, and you can view yourself rake in near to more than a month’s salary. Besides, you will see a set of clients eagerly anticipating the next project or perhaps work!

14. Wooden Garden

Most people enjoy an excellent small wooden garden, but plastic containers are bought in those stores. For this reason, plants can be a little undesirable and are extremely prone to damage.

There’s an excellent market for suitable and lightweight home wooden garden for little flowers and vegetables. It is easy to produce an open container, and with a few dividers, you can generate an efficient garden accessory certain to be always a staple for each residence garden.

Even the simplest wooden gardens can be worth up to $15 for herbs plus up to $100 for medium-sized fruit and vegetables, like a tomato as well as cucumbers!

15. Shoe Rack


The shoe rack is common furniture for each house. We can see every family member has more than once shoe of their own. This simple to produce furniture fits properly before any entry way and is much even more aesthetically satisfying than you’ll imagine.

The market for shoe boxes isn’t incredibly high, but there is still an adequate amount of individuals that own multiple pairs of shoes. They’re simpler to make than shoe boxes and will generate $40 per unit. And it is one of the best cool things to build out of wood at the moment.

16. Sunglasses Box


A sunglass box may be the easiest way to keep your sunglasses. It is portable and convenient. You may take one of these on the highway in the bumpiest car trip you will ever have without having to worry about an individual scratch on the way!

What it needs for making is a small amount of felt, some little hinges, and an elective locking mechanism of your choice. Just to ensure that it remains closed whenever it requires being closed.

17. Minimalist Book Shelf


For those who have any bookcase plans, cancel it right now and create yourself these instead. They are for the smart scholar in you. There could not be adequate space for some literature here.

Nevertheless, you can solve that through the use of multiple shelves. They also look better anyway collectively.

18. Cutting Boards


Anybody who works in the kitchen knows that the value of an excellent, sturdy, and long lasting cutting board. Cutting boards are not difficult to make. This job is more designed for the innovative soul. It is one of the best wood projects that sell easily.

There are some with designated level angles for further accuracy cuts, a few with rulers to learn how longer just about everything has been minimizing. And there’s also one with a great embedded knife holder. Get innovative, and you will lure in a few high-paying customers.

19. Cigar Box


So far as old-fashioned, Cigar boxes are certainly on the checklist. However, the thought behind a cigar box continues to be new!

These boxes can also be utilized to store jewelry, various small things and various types of items people retain in tiny boxes.

The demand isn’t high for these either, but many people are in customizable anything. If you are in a position to throw an individual style or a great embroidered name on to the box, you can have the ability to make several extra cash out of bits of scrap wood!

20. Dining Chair and Stools


It is very simple to make a dining chair plus stools. They are perfect for the present day rustic dining room, and a staple at the most of the house bars or even local breweries.

If you’re great with tools, have plenty of extra wood plus mark lying around and also have an excellent four hours, you may make this dining chair and stools and generate a big bundle of money from DIY household furniture.


In this article, we have discussed the top 20 woodworking projects for beginners among the Woodcraft Ocean. But we all are simply getting started right here. Plenty of great concepts has been released right now there by many skilled people.

Right here we present you 20 DIY woodworking projects that will help your house awesome. As a newbie, I’m sure you’ll discover something interesting through this list.


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